Picture of Sky Surfer in flight

Christ's Teachings v. Religion

You probably reached this page from my blog. I've done some work on useful modifications to the Sky Surfer which I describe there, but I don't give a link in the blog to where to buy one. Mixed feelings about that: I don't want to withhold useful information, but also I don't want to advertise for a company that is ---in my opinion--- engaging in morally reprehensible behavior.

The "Christian" family that owns Hobby Lobby has decided that rather than provide health care for their company's employees, they would prefer to sue the Obama administration. They base their lawsuit on the grounds that health care plans as mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would provide birth control, which apparently goes against the command in Genesis to "Go forth and multiply and fill the Earth." (News flash, people: The population of this planet is 7 billion and increasing. Mission accomplished.) One cannot help but wonder how many millions of dollars not providing basic healthcare to their nationwide cadre of low-paid employees puts into the pockets of this same "Christian" family every year. Since there's already an exemption in the Affordable Care Act that allows employers with religious concerns to pay for everything but birth control, which is then paid for by the employee, it seems clear to me that the "religious" arguments presented by this family's highly-paid lawyers are nothing but a smokescreen attempting to hide very non-christian greed.

Given this situation, and the multitude of shopping options available to RC enthusiasts today (I'm quite partial to the very helpful and friendly crew at A Main Hobbies) I have boycotted Hobby Lobby. Not that they'll notice.

So... you may be asking yourself how it is that I have a Sky Surfer in the first place? I have a Catholic friend. When he heard that Hobby Lobby was "standing up against the oppression of religious belief by the government" (his words) he promptly bought a Sky Surfer from them as a way of supporting them. When he opened the box and saw how big it was, he decided it was too much plane for him and gave it to us!

If you want to get a Sky Surfer, they're sometimes available at Amazon.com. And if you want to follow the teachings of Christ ---great idea!--- read for yourself what he said rather than blindly following the pastors/priests/bishops and other "Christian Taliban" who claim to speak for him today.