Dr. Baseball

"Einstein of the National Pastime"

Dr. Baseball presents some humorous and informative videos explaining some basic physics hidden inside the game of baseball.

Dr. Baseball is a Professor of Physics at California State University, Chico. HIs academic web site is located here.

Physics in Baseball Videos

Look Ma, No Hands
Find out how a batter hit a homer without even touching the bat!

No, not the positive feeling that flows through a team when they are doing well...the physics concept that helps explain colllisions.

Why Do Bats Break?
Anything breaks when you exert enough force on it, but bats always break on the handle - even when the ball hits off the end. What gives?

The Sweet Spot of a Baseball Bat
Find out the best spot on the bat for hitting the ball and learn why the "sweet spot" is so very sweet.

The Secret of Pitching
Learn the secret behind great pitching - putting spin on the ball.

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