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The Physics of a Wobbling Fly Ball
Why would a ball wobble and what does it matter?

It's Physics - The Batter's Grip Doesn't Matter
Counter intuitive, but correct.

The Physics of "Monsta Shawts"
Physics in Fenway and the Green Monster.

The Physics of Snapping a Bat Across Your Knee
It sure is hard to calculate the force required.

Some Physics of Ballpark Demolition
For some reason, we all enjoy a good implosion...

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As Bogey once said, "A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz." The only thing that can make baseball even better is a dash of physics! Explore these links and have a blast. Please send comments to the address below.

Baseball Publications
Papers and articles using baseball to understand physics.

Professional Presentations
Here are some talks that you might find useful. They might even be interesting and fun.

Dr. Baseball Videos
Join our friend Dr. Baseball, for some short videos briefly explaining the physics behind baseball.

Physics of Baseball Activities
This is a collection of basic activities and experiments to help you understand the physics of baseball. They require almost no special equipment and very little math.

Other Resources
We have some odds and ends in here.

Baseball Links
Some of our favorite places for physics and baseball on the web.

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