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Statcast has a new trick. The velocity of the bat (at the tip I'm guessing but who knows) is shown in color. You can see the bat speed up until it collides with the ball. Then it instantly slows down only to be sped up again as the batter follows through on their swing. Conservation of momentum in action!

Play Ball!

As Bogey once said, "A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz." The only thing that can make baseball even better is a dash of physics! Explore these links and have a blast. Please send comments to the address below.

Baseball Publications
Papers and articles using baseball to understand physics.

Professional Presentations
Here are some talks that you might find useful. They might even be interesting and fun.

Physics and Baseball In Action
These videos from actual games demonstrate many physics principles in game situations using super slow motion and infared cameras.

Dr. Baseball Videos
Join our friend Dr. Baseball, for some short videos briefly explaining the physics behind baseball.

Other Resources
Physics and baseball activities, baseball movie clips, and more.

Baseball Links
Some of our favorite places for physics and baseball on the web.

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