Dr. Eric Ayars

Welcome to my corner of the world-wide web.

I'm professor and chair of physics at California State University, Chico, as well as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Red Dog Physics.

When I'm not studying, teaching, or working in the lab, I enjoy cycling and Triathlon), backpacking, and messing about with boats. That last category of activity has recently expanded to include building my own cedar-strip sea kayaks. Music also forms a large portion of my life: I play piano, although I enjoy the playing more than others enjoy the listening! I also sing bass/baritone.

All these fun diversions would diminish time spent with my college sweetheart (and wife) Kristi; but fortunately we share many of the same interests! Our two foremost "joint interests" are Jessalyn and Remy, who are currently earning their college degrees in preparation for taking over the world.

Incidentally, a question has arisen among the kinds of people one meets at family gatherings around the holidays as to "what teachers make". I have found the best answer to this question here. Enjoy.