Student Achievements 2008-09

Congratulations to Our Graduates for 2009

  • Toru Ktazawa
  • Brendan O'Dea
  • Joel Amato
  • Chris Griffo (Fall 09)

Arloe Anania-Murray Scholarship Recipients 09-10

  • Preston Countryman
  • Adam Archibald

Michael McGie Service Award Recipient 09-10

  • Terry McAfee

Floyd English Scholarship Recipient 09-10

  • Lawrence LaChuga

Summer Internships 2009

  • Chad Gillis will be in the STAR Program at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory doing work with electron beam ion traps.
  • Patrick MacDougall will be teaching at Science Adventures Camp in Sacramento.
  • Terry McAfee will continue his work with Dr. Shane Mayor doing REAL(Raman-shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidar) in Chico.

Other Students Achievements of Note

  • Joel Amato earned the College of Engineering Outstanding Student Service Award.
  • Chad Gillis was named a NSF Noyce Scholar for the second consecutive year.
  • Preston Countryman, Chad Gillis, Chris Griffo, Terry McAfee, and Brendan O'Dea presented posters at the College of Natural Sciences Poster Session on April 21, 2009.

Faculty Achievements 2008-09

Dr. Leslie Atkins has been awarded an NSF CCLI grant entitled "Student Generated Scientific Inquiry." She serves on the Review Panel for Assessment Items - middle school Energy, as part of AAAS Project 2061. In addition, she contributed to three conferences: "Coherence and Science Content in Storylines in Science Teaching: Evidence of Neglect? Evidence of Truth?" at the Special Symposium a the National Association for Research in Science Teaching Conference in April 2009, "Endorsing and Rejecting Scientific Claims in Scientific Argument" at epiSTEME-3 in Mumbai, India in January 2009, and "The Roles of Evidence in Scientific Argument", at the American Association of Physics Teachers: Physics Education Research Conference in July 2008

Dr. Xueli Zou presented an invited talk, "Introduction to Quantitative Research in Physics Education" at the American Association of Physics Teachers Meeting in Edmonton, Canada in July 2008. Her paper "Quantitative Research in Physics Education", is curently under review for Getting Started in Physics Education Research Vol.2

Dr. Eric Ayars presented three workshops at the American Association of Physics Teachers Meeting in Edmonton, Canada in July 2008: "Falsification Labs," "Bandgap in Semiconductor Diodes," and "The Milli-Can Experiment." In addition, he presented an invited talk, "Scrounging, hacking and writing: Advanced Lab at CSU Chico" as well as a contributed talk, "Tips, Tricks, Successes, and Failures with Video Homework Solutions." at the joint American Association of Physics Teachers - American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in Chicago in February 2009.

Dr. David Kagan continues to serve on the Editorial Board of The Physics Teacher. He presented an invited talk, "Pitch Physics to Your Students: Using PITCHf/x Data from Major League Baseball" at the Fall Meeting of the Northern California Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers in November 2008. His paper, "Simulate Interference... With Supplies that Last" was published in The Physics Teacher in April 2009.

Dr. Shane Mayor has had three papers accepted for publication: "Doppler lidar measurements of vertical velocity spectra in the convective planetary boundary layer" in Boundary Layer Meteorology, "Observations and numerical simulations of subrotor vortices" in the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, and De"Observations of atmospheric structure and dynamics in the Owens Valley of California with a ground-based, eye-safe, scanning aerosol lidar" in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climate.