The Department of Physics History

Time Line
This timeline highlights the comings and going of our faculty and staff. In addition, several other important historical dates are included.
Graduates Gala Celebrations
Each year we hold a celebration to honor the students that are graduating. Here are photos of some of these events.
Physics Major Speaks at Graduation
Preston Countryman server as the Student Reflections Speaker at Graduation in 2010.
50th Anniversary Celebration
The department hosted an event to celebrate fifty years of graduates in May 2009.
Forty Years of Physics Reunion
In the spring of 1999 we held a reunion to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the our first graduate.
Advisory Board
These individuals help review and improve our program.
Newsletter Archive
The annual newsletter from the department contains information about faculty, staff, students and alumnae. This archive contains newsletters from 1977 to the most current.
Solvay Photographs
The Society of Physics Students organized these group photographs. They are intended to mimic the famous photograph of well-known scientists taken at the international Solvay Conference in 1927.
Paul Hewitt visit May 8-10th, 2002
The noted author and teacher Paul Hewitt can to present his first scholarship for future high school physics teachers.

You can find many older versions of our website at the The Way Back Machine Internet Archive.