Careers in Physics

The careers of physics majors are more diverse than any other technical field. Some of the links below may help you find career paths that interest you. You might also look at the varied careers of our actual graduates.
AIP Employment Data for Physicists
These reports highlight the qualitative changes in the initial employment of recent degree recipients. They document the salaries earned by experienced physicists across employment sectors and degree levels, the size of the physics academic workforce as well as the availability of faculty openings and profiles of new hires.

Careers Using Physics
This American Institute of Physics web site contains a wealth of information about careers for people with physics degrees.

Career Information
The American Institute of Physics Career Services web site contains a wealth of information about employment prospects for physicists.

APS Careers in Physics
American Physical Society Careers in Physics includes information on and links to career programs and activities organized by the APS such as: the online career center database; Job Fairs, career workshops and sessions at the meetings; and career reports. It also includes other relevant information and resources designed to help people learn about physics careers, and better navigate their careers.

Gradschool Shopper
Many physics careers require graduate school to earn advanced degrees such as a masters or Ph. D. This is the most comprehensive online source for researching graduate programs in the physical sciences, engineering and related fields. The site provides both a graduate recruitment forum for graduate schools and a one-stop graduate-school shopping place for graduate-school-bound students.