We Want To Help You Achieve Your Educational Goals

A low student/faculty ratio and a faculty deeply committed to the success of our majors make the CSU Chico Department of Physics a special place to learn. By completing a course of study offered through the Department of Physics, you will find the doors to many career paths and advanced educational opportunities open to you.

The Department offers three Bachelor of Science degree options plus a minor. The traditional physics degree is the Professional Physics Option - Advanced Study Pattern. The second option is the Professional Physics Option - Applied Physics Pattern. The General Physics Option is for students that want a broader scientific background across many disciplines, but prefer a strong emphasis in physics, such as those intending to be high school science teachers. The Minor in Physics is for students with another major yet seeking a more complete background in physics.

All three degrees share a common set of lower division requirements such as two years of math, one year of chemistry, and three semesters of physics. Common upper division physics requirements are one year of modern physics, advanced laboratory and seminar. At this point the degrees diverge.

Professional Physics Option - Advanced Study Pattern
This degree is designed specifically for those that intend to pursue advanced study in physics or other closely related fields. Graduates with this degree have entered graduate programs in physics, applied physics, nuclear science, computer science, environmental engineering, many other disciplines of engineering, as well as theology and medicine.
Professional Physics Option - Applied Physics Pattern
This degree is designed to lead to employment opportunities directly after completion of the baccalaureate. Careers in a wide variety of highly technical areas such as optics and telecommunications, space, defense, energy, computers, nuclear science, vacuum systems, and environmental science.
General Physics Option
The General Physics Option is designed to prepare for a career as a high school science teacher. We feel that high school physics teaching is such a value and important goal that we have put together this collection of resources to help you get there.

The General Physics Option is also used by students that intend to pursue careers in interdisciplinary sciences.
Minor in Physics
The Minor in Physics is designed for students majoring in mathematics, science, or engineering that want a deeper understanding of physics. The minor requires two semesters of lower division mathematics, three semesters of lower division physics, and three semesters of upper division physics.