The Minor in Physics

Do you enjoy your physics courses? Do you see that a deeper understanding of physics will help you achieve your educational goals? Yet, you still prefer to major in another field of technical study? Then perhaps the Minor in Physics is for you. The skills and knowledge base you will build in the additional course work will be well worth the effort.
Lower-Division Requirements:
5 courses required: Electricity and Magnetism
MATH 120 Analytic Geometry and Calculus
MATH 121 Analytic Geometry and Calculus
PHYS 204A Mechanics
PHYS 204C Heat, Wave Motion, Sound and Light

Upper-Division Requirements:
1 courses required:

PHYS 300A Modern Physics I

Upper Division Physics Electives:

6 Units selected from any upper-division course in physics except General Education (theme) courses, PHYS 489P, and 489T.

For specific degree requirements or course descriptions see the University Catalog.