The Bachelor of Science in Physics

General Physics Option

The General Physics Option is designed for students that want a broader scientific background across many disciplines, but prefer a strong emphasis in physics. It includes one year of biology and a year of geoscience. In addition, there are five elective classes that must be upper division in any single science of the students choosing. This allows the student to develop considerable breadth in all fields of science and some depth in a second science beside physics.

In addition, the General Physics Option is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for secondary school science. It meets the requirements for a primary authorization in physics and a secondary authorization in one other science. This second authorization will make the prospective high school physics teacher very attractive to any high school.

The General Physics Option could also be used by students that intend to pursue advanced study in interdisciplinary sciences such as biophysics, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, meteorology, environmental science, oceanography, astronomy, actuarial science, computer science, health physics or medicine. This degree is solid training for technical writers, science journalists, scientific or medical sales personnel, medical technicians or many other technical careers. This option is excellent preparation for advanced degrees in business administration, patent or technical law. In summary, the General Physics Option allows students to explore a wide variety of career paths and still share in the excitement of physics.

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Lower-Division Requirements:
12 courses required: Electricity and Magnetism
CHEM 111 General Chemistry
CHEM 112 General Chemistry
BIOL 151 Biological Principles
BIOL 152 Biological Principles
GEOS 102 Physical Geology
MATH 120 Analytic Geometry and Calculus
MATH 121 Analytic Geometry and Calculus
MATH 220 Analytic Geometry and Calculus
MATH 260 Elementary Differential Equations
PHYS 204A Mechanics
PHYS 204C Heat, Wave Motion, Sound and Light

Upper-Division Requirements:
6 courses required:

GEOS 300 Earth System Science
PHYS 300A Modern Physics I
PHYS 300B Modern Physics II
PHYS 427 Advanced Laboratory
PHYS 489T Internship in Physics Teaching
PHYS 491 Physics Seminar

Upper Division Physics Electives:

6 Units selected from any upper-division course in physics.

Science Breadth Electives:

12 Units selected from any non-General Education courses in Chemistry (CHEM), Biology (BIOL), or Geoscience (GEOS). All 12 units must be selected from one department.

The Academic Advising Office has a Major Academic Plan for this degree.

For specific degree requirements or course descriptions see the University Catalog.