Department of Physics "Forty Years of Physics" Reunion

May 1999 marked the fortieth anniversary of the first graduate of the Department of Physics. To commemorate this event, we held a "Forty Years of Physics" Reunion on April 22-24, 1999. It was a glorious spring weekend and we had a wonderful time. Below are some photographs that you might enjoy. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size image.

Here is the program for the event.

Here's the group photo.
David Kagan, Tom Gosnell, Mike Porter and Boyd Reasor enjoy some old photo's.
John McMenomy & Derrick Booth recall old times with Don Knifong in the background.
Lisa Washburn, department secretary welcomes guests.
Jon Bolstad talks about imaging.
Josh Fishkin describes tissue spectroscopy.
Jordan rides the rocket trike.
The Neilsens and Jason Trento enjoy a joke during lunch.
Norm Lofgren and Irv Boekelheide at lunch.
Peggy Hartsell, Bishara Shamee and Carl Jensen at the reception.
Paul Bennett, Josh Fishkin, Ernie Baragar, Gary Grim, Rae Ross and the Chau's at the reception.
Scott Perry and the McGie's at the reception.
David Kagan, Tracey Johnson and Ernie Baragar at the reception.
Lisa Washburn and Rae Ross are honored at the banquet.
Keynote speaker Floyd English at the banquet.
Good eats at the barbecue.
Kris Catching throws out the first ball.
Root, root, root for the home team!