Our Award Winning Activities

The Annual Pumpkin Drop

The Annual Pumpkin Drop is a re-creation of Galileo Galilee's legendary Tower of Pisa Experiment. On Halloween an SPS member dressed as Galileo explains the Law of Falling Bodies as other SPS members demonstrate the law by dropping pumpkins and other assorted fruits and vegetables from the top of a building. It's a smashing good time!

The Rocket Trike

The Rocket Trike is an adult tricycle powered by a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. The Rocket Trike illustrates Newton's Third Law commonly known as the Law of Action and Reaction. The rocket trike exerts an action force on the escaping carbon dioxide gas. The gas in turn exerts a reaction force on the rocket trike causing it to accelerate. What a blast!

The Great Can Crush

The Great Can Crush is a demonstration of the strength of atmospheric pressure. A 55-gal drum is filled with about 3 inches of water. A propane burner is used to boil the water. When a clear trail of steam is coming out of the drum, it is capped off and cooled. The steam condenses leaving the drum partially evacuated. The atmospheric pressure collapses the drum!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is delicious (and very expensive). It is very easy to make. Click on the link for some pictures and a recipe.