Membership Information

SPS is the Society of Physics Students, the professional society for physics students and their mentors, and operates under the auspices of the American Institute of Physics. With over 4500 members in over 700 chapters on college campuses, SPS provides opportunities for physics students across the nation, including research awards, outreach programs, scholarships, and travel awards. The SPS National Website provides information and applications for these opportunities, as well as other physics contacts, society news, hot science, physics career information, and the lighter side of physics.

SPS membership is $20 per year and undergraduate members receive Physics Today magazine as well as the opportunity to become a member of one of ten other physics professional societies through the joint membership program. About 400 of the 700 SPS chapters also support a campus chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society, which provides partial funding for SPS programs through its individual donors.

The membership requirement for the CSU Chico Chapter is simple:

"You must have a passing interest in physics or conversely, an interest in passing physics."

Just by looking at our web site you've become an unofficial member. You are welcome to attend any of our meetings or activities. If you wish to become an official member you can:

  • go to the SPS National Website and fill out the on-line form and pay $20 on-line.
  • go to the SPS National Website to renew your previous year's membership.
  • Download this membership form. Fill it out and bring it to PS 110 before the membership deadline (see the SPS calendar). You will pay only $15 and the CSU Chico Chapter will pay the rest.....such a deal!

Here are some excellent reasons to become a member:

  • Members receive 12 issues of Physics Today Magazine.
  • Members receive and may publish their work in The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics.
  • Members are eligible for SPS Scholarships.
  • Members are eligible for Undergraduate Research Awards.
  • Members are eligible for Marsh White Awards.
  • Members are eligible to become a chapter officer.
  • Members are eligible to run for regional and national SPS offices. These officers meet once a year, usually in Washington, DC (all expenses paid) to govern the SPS.
  • Members may be eligible for induction into sigma-pi-sigma (the honor society of SPS).
  • SPS and sigma-pi-sigma are the largest professional organization of physicists in the US.
  • SPS membership will fill a line on your soon to be written resume'.

More information about any of these items can be found by visiting the Department of Physics Student Learning Center in Room 110 of the Physical Science Building or by contacting one of the Chapter Officers.