Poster presentations

College of Natural Sciences Annual Poster Sessions
State-of-the-art measurement of the laser beam divergence, Preston Countryman, Chad Gillis, Chris 
   Griffo, and Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor, 2009

  1. Rebuilding the Raman-shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidar (REAL), Terry McAfee, Chris Griffo, Dr. Anna
       Petrova-Mayor, and Dr. Shane Mayor, 2009

  2. Diagnostics and characterization of a high peak-power short pulsed Nd:YAG laser, Alex Skeffington,
      Austin Hagerman,Chris Wylie and Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor, 2010
      This poster won the “People’s Choice” award in the category Faculty and Undergraduate Students

  3. Development of an optical system for testing a Fabry-Perot etalon for use in eye-safe high-spectral resolution lidars at 1543-nm wavelength,  Alex Skeffington and Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor, 2011



Department of Physics

California State University, Chico

Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor




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  2. Lasers

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  4. Mechanics

  5. Electricity and Magnetism

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Visited the Lidar Labs at the Institute of Electronics of the Bulgarian Academy of Science,

Laboratory for Nonlinear Optics and Solid-State Lasers, and the Laboratory for Spectroscopy at the Department of Physics, Sofia University, Bulgaria, June 2010