Lasers PHYS/EECE 451

Text:  “Laser Fundamentals” 4 ed., O. Svelto, Springer, 2007

Topics include:

  1. Bullet Interaction of radiation with matter

  2. Bullet Atomic transitions

  3. Bullet Gaussian beams and optical resonators

  4. Bullet Pumping processes

  5. Bullet Types of lasers

  6. Bullet Applications of lasers

Laboratory experiments organized by topic

  1. Bullet Interaction of radiation with matter - absorption, emission

  2. Bullet Coherent and incoherent light

  3. Bullet Gaussian beams

  4. Bullet Resonator design

  5. Bullet Building He:Ne laser

  6. Bullet Spectrum of Argon ion laser

and many more offered as independent project at the end of the semester

Department of Physics

California State University, Chico

Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor



  1. Optics

  2. Lasers

  3. Independent Study

  4. Mechanics

  5. Electricity and Magnetism

Research/ Internships





  1. Collaborations

  2. Professional memberships  
      and conferences

  3. Sponsors

  4. Other