Optics PHYS/EECE 450

Text:  “Optics” 1 ed., A. Ghatak, McGrawHill, 2009

Reference: “Optics” 4 ed., E. Hecht, Springer, 2001

Topics include:

  1. Bullet Geometric Optics - Fermat principle, paraxial image formation, matrix methods in optics,
       and aberrations

  2. Bullet Physical Optics - interference and diffraction

  3. Bullet Electromagnetic character of light - EM waves and Polarization

Laboratory experiments organized by topic

  1. Bullet Geometric optics - reflection, refraction, image formation, and aberrations

  2. Bullet Lens design using ZEMAX

  3. Bullet Interference - Newton’s rings, Fizeau fringes, interference filters

  4. Bullet Speed of light - pulsed method

  5. Bullet Diffraction

  6. Bullet Polarization - Malus law, phase retarders

  7. Bullet Fresnel’s equations

and many more offered as independent projects at the end of the semester

Department of Physics

California State University, Chico

Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor



  1. Optics

  2. Lasers

  3. Independent Study

  4. Mechanics

  5. Electricity and Magnetism

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