College Physics: Electricity and Magnetism PHYS 202B

Text:  “College Physics” with Mastering Physics 8 ed., Young and Geller, Adison Wesley, 2007

Part of the homework is submitted online using Mastering Physics

Topics include: Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics

Laboratory experiments organized by topic

  1. Bullet Measurements and uncertainty

  2. Bullet Electrostatics. Equipotential lines.

  3. Bullet Magnetic field. Magnetic field in a slinky.

  4. Bullet Reflection and refraction. Imaging by mirrors and lenses.

  5. Bullet Interference and diffraction.

  6. Bullet Spectrum of the Hydrogen atom.

  7. Bullet Radioactive decay.

Department of Physics

California State University, Chico

Dr. Anna Petrova-Mayor



  1. Optics

  2. Lasers

  3. Independent Study

  4. Mechanics

  5. Electricity and Magnetism

Research/ Internships





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  2. Professional memberships  
      and conferences

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